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Recycling Houses

Believe it or note, a housing shortage is looming. That’s not common knowledge, but it’s coming. Consider the following: In July 2008, the U.S. Census Bureau released some incredible population projections. Take a look at these numbers: Projected increase of 135 million people (a 44% increase) in the U.S. by… Read More

Letting Go

I have been writing about the importance of organizational systems in your business. You can’t argue against systems-every successful business has them, and you need them to grow. There is another issue that I’ve seldom seen written about, which underlies the effective implementation of effective systems: letting go. As an… Read More

House Rules

I had a wonderful breakthrough in my remodeling business when I discovered that I could set project rules that homeowner would agree to follow. Now, I learned from practical experience that I couldn’t set these rules after the project had started. No, any rule setting had to be agreed upon… Read More