Clear Communication in Building Projects

5 Steps to Clear Communication Between Everyone Involved in the Implementation of Residential Building and Remodeling Projects Clear communication isn’t by accident. It happens when  in project details are shared with everyone. Because of the diverse group of people involved with our projects, we need to make sure that the homeowner,… Read More

Contractor Operating Procedures

Organizing for Success: 5 Steps to Implement Standard Contractor Operating Procedures for Your Construction Company In this program, I take business owners through a systematic 5-step process to implement “standard operating procedures” within their company. This is a required step for any owner who wants to lessen company dependence on them… Read More

Diversify Your Business – Expand Your Marketplace

In my last post, I reviewed how opportunity buyers do not look at a remodeling company as a good investment. Why – because every year we start over! We don’t have clients call us back after a major remodel asking to do another one. Most homeowners won’t do more than… Read More

Building Business Equity

In my last column, I spoke about the difficulty that remodeling contractors have selling their remodeling company. Simply, we are subject to the whims of the economy, and are subject to market conditions that we have no control over. When market conditions are bad and consumer confidence is low, homeowners… Read More

Creating a Saleable Business

For those of you that have known me for a while, you might remember my participation several years ago in the Remodelers Guild. As a partner in the Guild, we were attempting to show remodeling contractors how to make their company a saleable asset. To make a long story short… Read More