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Diversify Your Business – Expand Your Marketplace

In my last post, I reviewed how opportunity buyers do not look at a remodeling company as a good investment. Why – because every year we start over! We don’t have clients call us back after a major remodel asking to do another one. Most homeowners won’t do more than… Read More

Building Business Equity

In my last column, I spoke about the difficulty that remodeling contractors have selling their remodeling company. Simply, we are subject to the whims of the economy, and are subject to market conditions that we have no control over. When market conditions are bad and consumer confidence is low, homeowners… Read More

Creating a Saleable Business

For those of you that have known me for a while, you might remember my participation several years ago in the Remodelers Guild. As a partner in the Guild, we were attempting to show remodeling contractors how to make their company a saleable asset. To make a long story short… Read More

Homeowner Fears and How to Manage Them

Crooks: Homeowners are afraid they will hire a crook. Almost every homeowner begins the remodeling process with baggage. If you watch television, read the newspaper, or listen to the radio, you will inevitably read or hear stories about unscrupulous building contractors. In these stories, some unsuspecting homeowner was taken advantage… Read More

Getting Bang for Your Buck – Marketing to Past Clients

Do you know where most of your business comes from? For most contractors, it comes from past clients. I have spoken to contractors who generate over 75% of new business comes from past client referrals. If this sounds familiar, I want you to think about putting more attention on these… Read More

I Don’t Do Competitive Bids

[caption id="attachment_667" align="alignleft" width="371"] a sign post with marketing and strategy on street like signs[/caption] Competitive bidding is not good for business. Besides the time spent doing an estimate for a job you may not get, there is an additional element that most homeowners are not aware of. The following… Read More

Inexpensive But Effective

Business has to be getting better. In many cases, it’s may be too good. I still hear stories of remodelers having work lined up months in advance. People take time to make decisions about large-scale remodeling projects. Don’t be caught without work during this lengthy decision process. Start gearing your… Read More

Above the Line, Below the Line

Many remodeling companies have experienced a great deal of growth in the last few years. Due to a economy strengthening, most companies have experienced an increase in job size, sales volume, and number of employees. With this increase in activity has come all the related responsibility and demands that accompany… Read More

Become a Trusted Home Advisor

Homeowners work with people they like and trust. The remodeling industry is built on this simple fact. For remodeling projects that last over several months, we are not only in their home for that amount of time, but we become privy to many home and family dynamics, and in some… Read More

The Client for Life

The economic downturn is ebbing into its 5th year, and while business is picking up, we need to understand and acknowledge that it has created a new economic order. Homeowners are taking a different approach to investing in their home. They are more cautious, and they have reason to be:… Read More