Identify Top Home Remodeling Customers

How to Save Time and Increase your Sales by Learning to Identify and Qualify Your Best Home Building and Remodeling Customers.

The Harvard Business School refers to a phenomenon in small business called “resource poverty.” This refers to a simple fact that small business owners wear dozens of hats, and have limited time and resources.

Working in this setting, time is one of the most valuable and limited resources that business owners have. Due to limited time, successful business owners focus their time and energy on “high-impact activities.” Attracting and qualifying the right clientele is a “high impact activity”.

The goal of this program is to give attendees the information they need so that they never again go on a sales call with an unqualified prospect.

This program will help attendees:

  • Understand how to identify their target market
  • Understand how to identify the demographics of your best clients
  • Clearly understand what questions to ask a potential customer over the phone so that you don’t waste valuable time on an onsite sales call with an unqualified prospect

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