Financial Planning for Contractors

April 8, 2017by David Lupberger0

5 Steps to Understand Financial Planning so You Can Take Control of The Financial Future of Your Home Building and Remodeling Business

In this session David will share with you some real life, learned experiences about life after remodeling. How do you prepare for it, and how do you replace your earned income if you are no longer working over 40 hours a week.

As a business coach and consultant David has worked with many business people to recommend and review the financial planning efforts that will affect their future.

In this session you will discover how to:

  • Prepare a personal asset spreadsheet to evaluate your financial position
  • Redefining retirement for remodeling contractors
  • Understanding the opportunities in this new financial landscape
  • How to build sound, financial building blocks
  • The steps in building a “Level 3” business (where the business is not reliant on you)

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