Generate New Work in 30 Days or Less

September 3, 2012by David Lupberger0

’m hosting another Home Asset Plan coaching program. What’s this – this is the proactive business model that shows you how to offer an annual home evaluation to your homeowner clients. The result? The results allow you to generate new work in 30 days or less, and added to that, you begin to identify future projects 12 to 24 months into the future. It’s a proactive marketing plan that allows you to generate new work by calling homeowners you have already done work for. Why’s this important – because some slow holiday months are coming, so I want to review a business concept that will help you through the slow times.

Contractors are learning to adapt to this new economy, and they are generating significant amounts of new work and income from implementing this proactive concept.
Mark Richardson and the Case Institute of Remodeling have created an online program entitled “Positioning for the Future”. In this 9-part video series, he makes the case that you must take an offensive stance in guiding your company in these uncertain times. Here are 3 key points:

  • You must control your destiny and not let the environment control you
  • You must embrace change as part of your business culture
  • You must position your product offering(s) to meet diverse economic conditions

We all know the construction industry has changed dramatically. Proactive remodeling contractors are responding. They are finding new ways to grow their businesses by offering services that homeowners need and want. Consider the following:

  • Homeowners still own their homes
  • All of these homes have ongoing service and repair issues
  • If homeowners plan to stay in their homes for the next five to 10 years, what improvements make financial sense?
  • Can you help them with that assessment?

Here is my point – adopt a proactive customer management strategy and help them manage their largest asset! Begin to shift your business model from a project-driven model to a relationship-driven service model. Work with homeowners to jointly develop a three to five year plan for their homes, and provide your clients with an annual home check-up. You begin with a whole-house evaluation, highlighting any needed service, repair, or replacement.

You can expand your company reach, and offer a continuum of additional home-related services. Create cooperative relationships with your trade contractors, and build that network to assist homeowners with finding the professional help they for any every home-related concern. By initiating calls with past customers, you can move clients from a reactive business relationship (they call, we come) into a proactive plan (we call, we come) that identifies work as far out as five years. Create an ongoing, collaborative, interactive dialogue with your client

Just Come Do It Clients

You may have several past clients now who call you for any home-related concern they have. This relationship is so strong that “just come do it” clients don’t worry about pricing. The Home Asset Management Plan will show you how to create a larger stable of “just come and do it” clients by integrating this relationship-driven business model into a much larger portion of your client base. This is the business model for the new economy. Stop looking for your next project. Proactively manage your client relationships, and the business will follow.

Do you need additional work? I have a training program that will allow you to do this. The HAMP coaching program will assist you with the following:

Generating new work in 30 days or less

Help you create a proactive plan to engage both past and future clients
Eliminate company cash-flow problems by generating a recurring revenue stream for your business
Show you how to create and build equity within your business if you decide to sell your business

The focus of the coaching program is the following – both contractors and their clients seem to be hard wired into the habit of selling on a project basis. This “project-based selling” habit puts contractors in the position of constantly selling new projects and struggling with the massive overhead of bidding on projects. During a recession like the present one, there are fewer projects and more bidding, further increasing overhead in the construction business. There is another way.

By consciously making the transition to relationship-based selling and starting the relationship with clients as a “trusted advisor,” contractors can drastically reduce their overhead. I will show you how to cut marketing and sales expenses, and increase your profit margins. Lane Cooper in Portland, OR. adopted this approach. He has identified over 1mm in new work, and has a 96% closing ratio with homeowners that he is working with. I can show you how to duplicate his model.

If you are looking for ways to generate additional work, create residual cash flow, and build company equity, I may have some answers for you.

This 8-session coaching program is designed to assist you with implementing the Home Asset Management Plan quickly and successfully. At the end, you will have a working Home Asset Plan program in your company. The new Home Management 360 Home Evaluation Software is now ready, and will be a part of this advanced training!

Please email me directly if you would like to know more about this program. I have another program starting Thursday, September 13th. I’m happy to answer any additional questions. This really works, and I guarantee the results.

I look forward to speaking with you.

David Lupberger
303 442 3702