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On the call you’ll learn the 8 questions you must ask a potential customer so that you never waste your valuable time with an unqualified prospect:

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    Learn David’s Proven Method To Pre-Qualify Your Best Customers Over The Phone!

    Get the answers to the questions below before you ever meet a potential customer onsite:
    • Are they customers that you want to work with? 
    • Will they let you do your job or try to interfere?
    • Identify their project budget – are they willing to pay the price you deserve?
    • Are they working with a realistic project schedule?
    • Do they value the services that you offer?
    • Are they shopping around or ready to get started?
    • With David’s 8 qualifying questions you’ll be able to unearth this information BEFORE entertaining the possibility of a meeting…
    • Using your new approach to Pre-qualification you will never waste your valuable time on an onsite sales call with an unqualified prospect…

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