Mr. Vanderbeken

David Lupberger has a real knack for making his clients feel comfortable and does a wonderful job at balancing a straight forward approach with firmness and patience. David’s vast experience and knowledge in the remodeling industry provides a treasure trove of expertise for us to tap into. Where we could be sidetracked, and bogged down by the ins and outs of everyday issues, David helps us address those items and yet always keeps us moving intently toward the next goal in growing our business.

Working with David Lupberger has been, by far, the best business decision we have ever made. In just looking at our company’s books you can see the difference and the influence he has had on our bottom line. David has spurred us on to focus on the ideal projects and clients for our company which in turn is a win-win for everyone. In addition, David has assisted us in putting together systems to stream line our processes, raise the bar of professionalism, and provide for our clients the best remodeling service possible. Since working with David, our revenue has more than doubled in the first three quarters than all the previous year. However, it gets even better. David has been instrumental in encouraging us to have a work–life balance, to keep a correct prospective, and to implement practices that boost moral and job satisfaction for our company personnel.