Lior Bega, Sweet Home Improvement

A few years ago I saw David in a NARI event and I purchased his book ‘Managing the Emotional Homeowner.’ For years I kept that book and read it when I had bad situations and always used it for reference. I kept reading his published articles so when I saw him do a live program in Chicago, I introduced myself and I knew that I wanted him to coach me. I couldn’t find anyone in the market that understood the psychology and the subtle behind the scene aspects of jobs the way he does. He understood what I go through on a daily basis.

Since we started to working together my business profit went up and I am working smarter. He listens and recommends action as needed. His expertise is top notch and the fact that he totally gets my situation is golden. He gave me the confidence to get out of my comfort zone and experience a new sales technique and surprisingly, I was wrong and David was right. My clientele is happier with how I do things now. David is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I couldn’t imagine getting better consulting from anyone else.