Chip Stowell, Whitney’s Inc.

The following is a testimonial of my recent work with David Lupberger…

I am a small remodeling contractor and about 5 months ago I hired David as a consultant to help with my company planning. Being a small business owner, I have always seemed to be wearing too many ‘hats’ of the company and never could carve out time to work on my company and plan for the future. I first met David at a seminar he presented during the JLC trade show. I was impressed with his ‘Organization for Success’ lecture because his systems were exactly what I had needed for my company. Of course I left the trade show and never implemented any of his recommendations due to my lack of time and my inability to give myself deadlines.

When David approached me to work with him, his politeness, knowledge of the trades and presentation of his program immediately won me over. After our initial conversation I knew that working with David would be beneficial to me and my company. David’s positive attitude and empathetic approach has made me feel ‘jazzed’ about moving forward with a plan after each of our sessions.

David has given me realistic deadlines to work with and has always offered to be of help in between our sessions if needed. In the short time that we have worked together I have already implemented some of his systems into my company and am currently working toward growing my business. Specifically we created an organization chart for the company (we never had one), we put together specific company policies and job descriptions that can be used for employee growth and development and David also helped to create Whitney’s Home Care Program which is still developing but promises to add a great service and bring in extra business for the company. I really look forward to continuing our work together and would highly recommend David to anyone in the industry.