Billy Webb, Dandy Handymen Remodeling

My company, Dandy Handymen Remodeling has been looking for something like the Home Assets Management Plan (HAMP) for a couple of years.

After testing HAMP with my current client base, I have been met with great excitement and acceptance. Again, this just cements me (pardon the pun) with my client to an ongoing relationship. I’ve found that many of my clients want to work with companies that can be a “one-stop” shopping provider. And, they want to work with someone who is proactive in their approach and services.

After researching some of the options available everyone at Dandy Handymen Remodeling was excited to work with David Lupberger and his Home Asset Management Plan.

The major reason for going with HAMP is that it allows us to be the experts and allows for flexibility. You don’t have to provide three or four levels of service and try to plug clients into those levels whether they fit or not.

I can adjust my service to meet the specific needs of each client and I believe this is the future of the remodeling industry.

With HAMP I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel. The templates were already there and all we had to do was tailor HAMP to my company’s style and flavor.

I believe that homeowners are really looking for:

  • A relationship with someone they can trust
  • Someone they can count on to take care them
  • People that will help them with their most important asset – their home

Billy Webb
Dandy Handymen Remodeling
Roanoke, VA