David also offers one-on-one business coaching. With over 30 years in the industry he has hundreds of templates and can assist you in the following areas:

Managing the Homeowner Experience

  • Effective phone qualifying – don’t go on any more unqualified sales calls
  • Start setting clear homeowner expectations on the first sales call
  • Stop doing free estimates – how to implement a design agreement
  • Effectively sell your company “why”
  • Sell the experience – not just the project
  • Raise your margins – raise your profitability

The Client for Life Business Concept

  • The most challenging sale is your first one to a prospective client. The “client for life” business model builds on that relationship with the simple mantra – when any project ends, our relationship is just beginning!
  • The client for life business concept is a 6-session guided webinar series to begin implementing a “relationship-based business model” within your company:
  • A step by step development process:
  • In 6-online training sessions, I will introduce specific “hands-on” assignments that will assist you in the process of establishing this business model
  • In each session, we will review assignments and outcomes so that we can discuss and refine results
  • I’ll be providing you with “program templates” in each session to work with

Organizing for Success - Delegate Effectively, Make More Profits and Lessen Dependence on Yourself

  • I can take business owners through a 5-step process to implement “standard operating procedures” within their company. This is a required for any owner who wants to lessen company dependence on them as an owner and to begin to effectively delegate day-to-day responsibility. With effective delegation, the owner can begin to take on more of a “strategic” role within his/her company, working on the business as well as working in the business. This is a key to becoming a true business owner.
  • Discover new ways to systematize company operations.
  • Identify organizational needs and how to respond to them.
  • Create a framework for identifying specific tasks for every position in your company.
  • Discover how to create “standard operating procedures” needed to manage more effectively.

Please feel free to contact David regarding his coaching services. In working with David on a consulting or coaching relationship, you access all of the content that he provides with his business manuals and Client for Life program. This is all part of his coaching program – he has hundreds of templates, forms, contracts, and samples that you will have access to. In his one-on-one coaching he will show how to use and implement this information.


To find out more about how you can benefit, contact David at David@RemodelForce.com.