Manage Relationships More Effectively and Make More Profits on the Customer’s First Job and The Same Customer’s Future Jobs

This program emphasizes business growth opportunities teaching how to optimize existing customer relationships by managing their largest asset, namely their home. Instead of just having one big job with a customer, you create an ongoing environment that includes annual reviews, identifying potential problem areas leading up to a summary of findings, recommendations and estimates. This leads to recurring business 1 to 2 years in advance.

In this coaching program, learn how to:

  • Stay in touch with clients on a regular basis.
  • Discover how people do business with those they know and trust.
  • Develop and deepen personal relationships.
  • Identify those in both your personal and business networks to stay in touch with since the size of your network will dictate the size of your success.
  • Create an environment to provide superior service to exceed expectations to the point people never consider anyone else for what you do.
  • Quality assurance with a very simple survey and the answer to one question has that been proven to determine your profitability.
  • Make sure you keep the customers you have and get referrals from those customers by using the one question survey.
  • How to develop 5 to 10 referral systems than run automatically.
  • How to get video testimonials from customers.
  • Collecting before and after photos of each project where there is a visual difference.
  • The importance of third party validation and social proof – if someone else says it about you, it’s credible, believable and good marketing.
Grow and Monetize Your Sub-contractor Relationships

The next part will focus on leveraging existing relationships with your sub-contractors. Your sub-contractors may have their own customer lists independent of your customer list. We show you how to take what works for your business and pass the same knowledge, for free, to your sub-contractors so they too can benefit with repeat business. This allows you to build your company by further monetizing the relationships you have with your selected sub-contractors.

You will learn that the best way to strengthen your sub-contractor relationships is by working together to grow each other’s businesses. They help you find more opportunities while simultaneously learning how to generate additional service work for themselves.

You can easily prepare your “Godfather” offer- an offer too good to refuse. There is no cost or risk to your sub-contractors and they will say “Yes” every time to making more money.

Grow and Monetize Other Home Service Professional Relationships

Learn how to duplicate what you do with your sub-contractors with other service professionals. The same rules apply.

Every good service professional has a list of customers and I will teach you how to gain access to that list.

Your opportunity with service professionals includes real estate brokers, architects, landscaping professionals, interior designers, and more.

As with all your sub-contractors, other home service professionals benefit from the valued-added services that you provide to their good clients.

  • Master in-person networking by learning what to do, what to say and how to follow-up.
  • Ensure what people need to know in order to like and trust you.
  • Become the best connected “go to” person so others do not give thought to return to you.
  • The secret question to ask to best help someone.
  • Develop your one sentence value proposition explaining why someone should do business with you over anyone else.
  • Develop your “elevator” pitch so you do not sound like everyone else.
  • How to incorporate your message into your phone answering and voice mail messages.